(22.09.1933 ó 1.08.2002)


NOTE: According to the genre of our article all bibliographical references are marked with the name of Yu. P. Korshunov, in spite of presence of co-authors in many cases , whose names really stand in front of his one in the publications headers.

An eminent lepidopterist in world terms, scientific worker of the Zoological museum in the Institute of Systematics and Ecology of Animals (Siberian branch of Russian Academy of Sciences), honorary member of Russian Entomological Society YURI PETROVICH KORSHUNOV died on August 1, 2002, in Novosibirsk.

Yu. P. Korshunov was born on September 22, 1933 in Chernorechka village near Novosibirsk. The family soon moved to Novosibirsk. His motherís ancestors were migrants from the Volga region, his fatherís ones were from the Samara region.

Korshunovís first observations of insects began in his early childhood. The district of Novosibirsk where he lived resembled a village, there were lots of insects and other wild creatures. Yuri built open-air cages for caught butterflies, observed lizards and frogs. He was very impressed having read J.-H. Fabreís ďLife of insectsĒ. Yuri looked for chrysalides of  Small Tortoiseshell and observed the birth of butterflies. His parents presented him a small microscope. Yuri read books and looked films about famous Russian and foreign travelers. Thus the way into the biology was predetermined.

A small tourist group was organized in his school in 1946. Korshunov traveled with his fellows and a teacher in Altai mountains, there the group met ichthyologists from just now organized Siberian branch of Academy of Sciences. Since that time Korshunovís scientific life was tied with the Biological institute. Yuri became a member of young naturalist society ďSiberiaĒ, headed by S.A.Strom, an eminent student of Siberian local lore, visited seminars conducted by the zoologists K. T. Yurlov, I. N. Glotov. He got to know A. E. Standel, local amateur lepidopterist, who made available for Korshunov his great collection of butterflies and moths an gave him first lessons in the lepidopterology. These regular studies mostly determined scientific interests of Korshunov. He journeyed in summers through the Altai together with tourist groups, organized by S.A.Strom and collected entomological materials.

In 1951 Yu. P. Korshunov entered Tomsk University. There he read many special books in a very reach University library, made the acquaintance with the rests of A.A.Meinhardís butterfly collection. Besides he observed the winter life of birds, monitored them in Tomsk Botanical gardens.

The year 1953 was tragic for Korshunov. An encephalitis tick bit him, the illness wasnít diagnosed in proper time, it was long and poignant. The after-effects of illness had an influence upon the whole of the life of Yu. P. Korshunov, they were a cause of his premature decease. Migrated to Kharkov A. E. Standel invited Korshunov to this town to undergo a special cure and to study at Kharkov University, at the Entomological faculty headed by Prof. S. I. Medvedev. Korshunov moved to Kharkov and kept on studying there. He journeyed with A. E. Standel through the Kharkov region. He continued studies with Standel simultaneously with active ones at the Faculty. Korshunov visited Moscow during the winter vacations in 1954. He got to know a famous entomologist A. A. Yakhontov, whom considered as his teacher in scientific methodology. He examined a great collection by amateur lepidopterist A. V. Tsvetaev, then he went to Leningrad where he made acquaintance of B. N. Schanwitsch, A. A. Stakelberg and other famous scholars, saw the greatest in the country collection of butterflies and moths in the Zoological Institute.

In May 1954 Korshunov took part in a student expedition in the Crimea, then he joined a Moscow research group headed by G. A. Mazokhin-Porshnyakov. He moved within this expedition to Transcaucasus (one of scopes of this expedition was testing the effectiveness of various types of lamps for attraction of nocturnal insects; Korshunov kept the interest to this theme later, see Korshunov, 1960b).

Korshunov practically ceased his graduating thesis in May 1954, it was dedicated to the butterflies of southern and mountainous parts of the Crimea. He visited  Novosibirsk during his winter vacations in 1956 and settled to get a job at Siberian branch of Academy (future Biological Institute). Korshunov began his professional scientific life in an expedition dedicated to the research of the fauna of the future Ob reservoir territory. The main individual Korshunovís scope was the collecting butterflies, he studied at the same time other groups of insects. Then he worked during 2 summer seasons in the Experimental farm of Siberian branch of Academy, near Acha village north-east of Novosibirsk and in Bugotak hills. There were found several new species of butterflies and moths: Pyrgus serratulae, Parapieris callidice, Colias heos, Clossiana angarensis, Boloria aquilonaris, Lampides boeticus (occasional flight), Cupido osiris, Aricia nicias, Macroglossum stellatarum, Oeneis jutta. Quite the whole territory from the Urals as far as the Far East was in those times an enormous white spot with rare relatively carefully studied points. The butterfly fauna was poorly known, the distribution of described taxa remained uncertain, at the same time it was clear that there are many unknown species and their forms. Yu. P. Korshunov decided to devote his life to the study of the whole volume of the Rhopalocera fauna of the Russian Northern Asia.

Yu. P. Korshunov headed or took part in many expeditions of a very wide geographical range : the Altai Mts. ó 1947, 1949, 1952, 1974, 1976, 1980; the Novosibirsk region (mostly its eastern part) ó 1948, 1949, 1950, 1955Š 1955, 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1967, 1971, 1978, 1979, 1981, 1982, 1987, 1989; the Tomsk region ó 1952, 1953; Crimea ó 1954, 1955; Transcaucasus ó 1954; the Kemerovo region (Montainous Shoria) ó 1977; Khakasia ó 1975, 1978; the Krasnoyarsk region (the reservation ďStolbyĒ) ó 1966; Polar Ural and Yamal ó 1963, 1968; Buryatia ó 1986. He was forced to remain home some summers by the sole reason, his heavy illness. The activity of other collectors, among them Korshunovís disciples, increased considerably, and the volume of the butterfly collection of the Siberian zoological museum grew between the years 1960ó2002 almost five times as much.

At the same time Yu. P. Korshunov analyzed this enormous material. He described Rhopalocera fauna, studied within th complex expedition in ďStolbyĒ reservation near Krasnoyarsk (Korshunov, 1969a, 1969e, 1971b); beside it he studied other groups of insects together other investigators (1969b,c,d, 1971c). Many Korshunovís works are dedicated to the Rhopalocera fauna of various regions of Asian Russia: Polar circle (Korshunov, 1975, 1982c, 1985a); Western Siberia (Korshunov, 1959b, 1960a, 1963, 1966a, 1968, 1973a, 1973c, 1981b, 1985b), among it the Upper Ob basin (Korshunov, 1959a, 1961, 1962b, 1966b), North Baraba (Korshunov, 1974b); Tuva, Yakutia, the Baikal region and the adjacent Mongolian territory (Korshunov, 1973b, 1979a; 1970a, 1978b, 1987c; 1974a, 1976d, 1977).

72 new taxa (genera, species and subspecies) were described by Yu. P. Korshunov, partially together with his colleagues (see the attached list of new taxa), the overwhelming majority of them was accepted as valid by a majority of experts. New taxa were described in the monographs and several articles, especially dedicated to their description (Korshunov, 1977, 1980b, 1982c, e, 1984a, b, 1985c, 1987a, 1988b, c, 1990a, b, c, e, 1995b, 1996d, 1998b, 2000a).

The results of  many yearsí work are summed in Yu. P. Korshunovís monographs.

The first monograph,  ďButterflies of the Western Siberian Plain. A key.Ē (Korshunov, 1985e), contained key tables, detailed descriptions of all the butterflies in question and many illustrations.

The second monograph was ďA catalogue of Rhopalocera (Lepidoptera) of the USSRĒ (Korshunov, 1972d). Korshunov's catalogue placed the study of this group of insects on a new foundation, attracting a fresh scientific interest to this field. Korshunov's advice and assistance to specialists in various fields furthered the publication of new studies of butterflies, including M. M. Sirotkin's catalogue of the Moscow and Kaluga regions, A. P. Kumakov's  descriptions  of the Saratov region, etc.

The book  ďButterflies of Asian part of RussiaĒ (1995b, co-author P.Gorbunov) with addenda & corrigenda in Korshunov 1996d, 1998b, contains a full information (nomenclature, area, morphological fatures, praeimaginal stages, etc.) of the whole of  butterflies in  this area, includes maps and numerous drawings.

The title of the fourth monograph is ďButterflies of the Urals, Siberia and Far East. Key and annotationsĒ (Korshunov, 2000a) ó a new remake of this work will be published soon. Besides a complete key table, this work contains short, but comprehensive biological commentaries to each species.

The book ďButterflies of  North Asia. New taxa and synonymsĒ (unpublished; internet version of this book is placed on Korshunovís site includes original descriptions of Northern Asian taxa since the year 1980, made by the author and other scholars, often published in various difficult books and articles.

Furthermore, Yu. P. Korshunov wrote together with A. Kumakov a monograph about butterflies of the Saratov region (Korshunov, 1979b). Several Korshunovís articles are dedicated to common problems of the fauna of butterflies (Korshunov, 1981a, 1984d, 1987d).

Yu. P. Korshunov thoroughly investigated zoogeography and ecology of Siberian butterflies (Korshunov, 1959b, 1962a, 1972c, 1978a, 1996b), history of  their fauna (Korshunov, 1970b, 1972a). His interest to the ecology and care for the preservation of the fauna is closely tied with his participation in the composition of Red Books of the whole of the country and its regions, wrote for them articles about preserved species (the Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk regions, Buryatia, Altai Republic ó see Korshunov, 1984e, 1988d, 1996a, 2000b). He wrote several works about the validity of the including of some species into Red Books (Korshunov, 1986a, b, 1987b, f, 1988a, 1989a, b, 1995c, d, 1996c).

Yu. P. Korshunov wrote some articles about several groups of moths and other insects (Korshunov, 1965a, 1971a, 1976a, b, c, 1980a, 1982a, 1982b, 1985b, 1990b).

In October 1987, on Korshunov's initiative the first Entomological conference on Diurna in the history of Russian and Soviet entomology took place in Novosibirsk. Papers were read by 35 naturalists from 30 cities of the USSR.

Yu. P. Korshunov prepared long ago his thesis for a candidateís degree, the volume and content of his monographs permitted him to get doctorís degree without writing a thesis, but his scientistís overscrupulosity permanently delayed the term of  their defence: he repeated often that the available Siberian material is not yet satisfactory for such an action. But in spite of the absence of a formal degree Yu. P. Korshunov was considered as a leading expert in Rhopalocera not only in the country, but also in the whole of the world.

Korshunovís name was appropriated to several taxa of insects: Aphis korshunovi Ivanovskaja, 1971 (Aphididae); Plebejus argus korshunovi Standel, 1960; Neozephyrus korshunov Dubatolov & Sergeev, 1982 (Lycaenidae); Coenonympha glycerion korshunovi Nekrutenko, 1978; Hyponephele korshunovi Lukhtanov, 1994 (Satyridae); Coenotephria korshunovi Viidalepp, 1976 (Geometridae); Prosimulium korshunovi Patrusheva, 1975 (Simuliidae).

Besides his scientific activities, Yu. P. Korshunov wrote 73 popular-scientific, polemic and memoirs articles in newspapers and magazines, spoke over the radio ad TV, led yearly student practical works in the Zoological museum. Korshunov never denied to advice anyone. He was a good-natured and friendly man, with a perfect sense of humor. Having lost his wife V. D. Patrusheva in 1976, he lived alone, spending his scanty earnings on books, diskettes, and other PC hardware. The computer helped him very much in the last years, because the arthritis and weak sight hindered his work. The possibility of  the correspondence by e-mail made his life easier, he didnít' feel himself lonely, isolated of worldís scientific life. He lived the last 7 years in the Museum, because it was hard to him to go home, all his books and the computer were in the work place. He died sitting down at his writing-table.


V. V. Ivonin (Novosibirsk), S. L. Nikolaev (Moscow)




New taxa described by Yu. P. Korshunov


1. Pseudophilotes jacuticus Korsh. & Viidalepp, 1980

2. Plebejus argyrognomon chalcha Korsh., 1982

3. Polyommatus eros taimyrensis, Korsh., 1982

4. Ravenna pacifica Dubatolov & Korsh., 1984

5. Neolycaena falkovitshi Zhdanko & Korsh., 1985

6. Rubrapterus Korsh., 1987 (type: Lycaena bavius Ev., 1832)

7. Apatura metis irtyshica Korsh., 1982

8. Argynnis sagana relicta Korsh., 1984

9. A. sagana nordmanni Korsh., 1984

10. Clossiana distincta machati Korsh., 1987

11. C. d. dubatolovi Korsh., 1987

12. Oeneis pseudosculda Korsh., 1977

13. O. sapozhnikovi Korsh., 1982

14. Amuriana Korsh. & Dubatolov, 1984 (type sp.: Adolias schrenckii Mén., 1859)

15. Ravenna pacifica Dubatolov & Korsh., 1984

16. Oeneis patrushevae Korsh., 1985

17. O. sarala Korsh., 1988

18. O. judini Korsh., 1988

19. O. shurmaki Korsh., 1988

20. O. ammosovi Dubatolov & Korsh., 1988

21. Driopa Korsh., 1988 (type: Papilio mnemosyne L., 1758)

22. Erythodriopa Korsh., 1988 (type sp.: Parnassius ariadne Kindermann in Lederer, 1853)

23. Hipparchia dagi Korsh. & Krasilnikova, 1990

24. Celastrina fedoseevi Korsh. et Ivonin, 1990

25. Bajluana Korsh., 1990 (type sp.: Lycaena argali Elwes, 1899)

26. Goldia Dubatolov & Korsh., 1990 (type sp.: Ravenna pacifica Dubatolov & Korsh., 1984)

27. Rubrapterus Korsh., 1990 (type species: Lycaena bavius Ev., 1832)

28. Sachaia Korsh., 1990 (type sp.: Parnassius tenedius Eversmann, 1851)

29. Sachaia ammosovi Korsh., 1990

30. Quinhaicus Korsh., 1990 (type sp.: Parnassius szechenyii Frivadszky, 1886)

31. Kreizbergius Korsh., 1990 (type sp.: Parnassius simo Gray, 1852)

32. Hesperia comma planula Korsh., 1995

33. H. c. shushkini Korsh., 1995

34. Leptidea amurensis jakutica P.Gorbunov & Korsh., 1995

35. Euchloe ausonia dubatolovi Korsh., 1995

36. Euchloe naina Korsh., 1995

37. Roddia Korsh. 1995 (type sp.: Papilio l-album Esper, 1780)

38. Euphydryas iduna semenovi Korsh. & Ivonin, 1995

39. Melitaea fascelis singularia Korsh., 1995

40. Clossiana astarte ershovi Korsh. & P. Gorbunov, 1995

41. C. matveevi P. Gorbunov & Korsh., 1995

42. Boloria altaica pustagi Korsh. & Ivonin, 1995

43. Hyponephele cadusina gurkini Korsh., 1995

44. Erebia kosterini P. Gorbunov, Korshunov, Dubatolov, 1995

45. E. mckinleyensis ola Korsh., 1995

46. E. theano tshugunovi Korsh. & Ivonin, 1995

47. E. th. shoria Korsh. & Ivonin, 1995

48. E. fletcheri chorymensis Korsh., 1995

49. E. pandrose yernikensis Korsh., 1995

50. Oeneis sculda vadimi Korsh, 1995

51. O. elwesi ulugchemi Korsh., 1995

52. O. magna pupavkini Korsh., 1995

53. Heodes alciphron rubidus Korsh., 1995

54. Polyommatus icarus omelkoi Dubatolov & Korsh., 1995

55. Pyrgus serratulae shukshini Korsh. & Ivonin, 1996

56. Colias palaeno gomojunovae Korsh., 1996

57. Colias thisoa nikolaevi Korsh., 1996

58. Triphysa albovenosa sacha Korsh., 1996

59. Coenonympha amaryllis borisovi Korsh. & Ivonin, 1996

60. Erebia euryale flaveoides Korsh. & Tatarinov, 1996

61. Satyrus ferula medvedevi Korsh., 1996

62. Clossiana eunomia riamia Korsh. & Ivonin, 1996

63. C. e. stromi Korsh., 1996

64. C. chariclea tshuktsha Dubatolov & Korsh., 1996

65. Euphydryas iduna alferakyi Korsh., 1996

66. Erebia rossi subarctica Korsh., 1996

67. Oeneis aktashi ona Korsh., 1996

68. O. jakutski Korsh., 1998

69. O. anna dzhulukuli Korsh., 1998

70. O. chione tshukota Korsh., 1998

71. Inderskia Korsh., 2000 (type sp.: Lycaena panope Ev., 1851)

72. O. jutta lukhtanovi Korsh., 2000




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